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The Importance of the "Material" we use in our Home-Studio Set-up for an optimal sonic result.

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

For an optimal result in a Music Production endeavor , we cannot ignore certain fundamental things in the assembly of our home studio, apart from what we usually consider, the components that we use for the connections, the cables, the materials and the insulators we use, have a determining factor in our final Master. There are certain materials that are better conductors of sound such as silver and although a cable of this material is out of budget for some, there are offers for a reasonable price in the market. Silver lead wires have much more conductive properties and interact with impedance * differently. The acoustic impedance "Z" is the resistance that a medium opposes to the sound waves that propagate on it and therefore it is equivalent to the electrical impedance, that is measured in ohms; it is a form of energy dissipation of the waves that travel in a medium, therefore the lower the impedance (ohms) a medium has to transmit sound, the better sound conductor it will be.

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