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Learn piano fast from an expert teacher with extensive experience.

I emphasize the importance of theory to help my students play music well. I would use my knowledge of music theory to help my students learn theory more effectively and understand how to approach playing the piano more creatively. Additionally, I would share my understanding of recording technology with my students, providing guidance on how to make music sound good and how to record and produce their own music. Overall, my goal as a piano teacher with a background in composition and music production would be to help my students develop their skills and creativity while fostering a deep appreciation for music theory and recording technology.

About Andres M.

Greetings!, I am a Music Composer Producer and Piano teacher based in Miami, Florida. With a M.A degree in Music Production obtained in Madrid, Spain, I have honed my craft in various aspects of the industry. My skillset includes songwriting, arranging, producing, directing, and proficiency in piano/keys, drums, bass, guitars, and vocals. Additionally, I excel in recording, editing, mixing, mastering, live performance, and live sound. In addition to my passion for music production, I also enjoy sharing my expertise through teaching piano and Music Production. I have extensive experience teaching children and adults of all levels.

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