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Music Composer and Producer



I am a Music Composer and Producer based in Miami, Florida. Originally from Santiago, Chile, I bring a unique blend of cultural influences to my music and production style.

With a M.A degree in Music Production obtained in Madrid, Spain, I have honed my craft in various aspects of the industry. My skillset includes songwriting, arranging, producing, directing, and proficiency in piano/keys, drums, bass, guitars, and vocals. Additionally, I excel in recording, editing, mixing, mastering, live performance, and live sound.

In addition to my passion for music production, I also enjoy sharing my expertise through teaching piano and Music Production. I have worked on various projects across different musical genres.

As a member of the Society of Composers SCI, I am committed to promoting the composition, performance, understanding, and dissemination of new and contemporary music.

Thank you for considering me for your musical needs.


Coming Soon

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New Album

Union Star

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New Release

Indie Cameleon 



Released in Chile!



Logic Pro, Piano

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